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WIP: Brown brocade Regency pelisse
I'm currently three chapters into my dissertation and one enormous stress ball.  My favorite way to relax is imagining up new bits of clothing to construct (I'm a die hard sewing geek), and since it's winter here I wanted to make a pelisse in honor of the weather.


Chocolate brown brocade ordered from FabricGuru.com a while back.  It's a heavier fabric intended for upholstery.  The lighting isn't perfect in this shot, but the lighter parts have a subtle gold sheen to them and are slightly raised from the darker background.

The pattern I'm using comes from Sense and Sensibility's Elegant Lady's Closet.  Love this set of mix and match pieces.  I've altered the neckline to suit my figure, but otherwise the bodice is cut as specified.


Pinning the curved side back seams into place.  These two photos show the underside of the fabric, also pretty in its own right.


My sister bought me a gorgeous Janome serger as a thank you gift for being her maid of honor and all of the things that went along with her wedding.  Couldn't wait to use it, and this is the first seam I stitched with it.  A little odd getting used to the alignment markings versus my trusty Kenmore workhorse sewing machine.


Serged side back seams, underside and right side of fabric.  Apparently I forgot to pull out my camera when I attached the two front sections :(


Decided to go with the long sleeves since this is intended as a warmer garment.  Here I've got some delicate white pointed lace laid out on the cuffs, trying to see what looks best for embellishment.

Back to the dissertation for now.


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