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Grants, updates, and never enough time
As usual, I'm behind on my updates.  I always start out describing things so faithfully, and then I get caught up in the sewing process.  I get a ton of photos taken, but never seem to finish my posts.  Really need to do that this time for my silver Venetian.  I think part of the problem is each project is exhausting in the final stages, since I'm not known for getting things done way ahead of time, so I suffer from 'costume fatigue' and just want to take a break afterwards.

My focus has certainly switched to Regency since Halloween.  I will always love the 16th century styles, but it's time to indulge my Pride and Prejudice preferences :)  I've been amassing quite a selection of organdy, fine printed cottons, vintage silk saris, and muslins for Regency sewing.  Just need the time to work on them now.

We had two grants with the same due date earlier in the month, which ended up consuming most of my spare time.  When I wasn't reading papers and writing, I felt guilty if I spent any time sewing outside of my eBay seller's commitments.  Ahhh well.  And now I have a crop of undergraduate research assistants to train.  I suppose it will have the effect of making me feel more virtuous by sheer amount of work?


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