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Random costuming photos
Wow, been a while since I updated.  My dissertation is keeping me on the edge of sanity, really pushing to get it done ASAP.  Just waiting on some histology and finishing statistics.

A good friend (who isn't even a costumer!) reminded me to keep track of the things I've completed for future reference.  So, a photo dump and short description of each.

Teal Taffeta Skirt

Picked up a bolt of very lightweight synthetic satin taffeta from the on-campus store which sells materials from the art, design, and architecture departments.  It's an appealing teal color, and can be used for linings and outer fabric.  This skirt is two rectangular panels of 36" x 48", serged up the sides - I LOVE my Janome 8002D even though I only use a fraction of its functions - with a black bias tape waistband gathered with black satin cord.  The bottom raw edge is handsewn with acrylic pearls on twill tape.  Sold for $24.99


Embroidered Taffeta Skirt
Extra wide (120") medium weight cream taffeta ordered from Fabric.com a while back.  Lovely embroidery done with brown, tan, and yellow threads.  Really great drape on it, crisp but luxurious hand and sheen.  Single 112" x 43" panel.  Waistband is ecru bias tape and hem is more pearls.  Sold for $49.99


Teal Taffeta Corset

Gave the taffeta a try in corsetry.  It's a little lighter than I'd normally like to use, probably would be better with a layer of interfacing on a muslin backing.  Boned with 1/4" spring and flat white steel bones - little buggers are more slippery than the heavy duty cable tie boning I prefer, leaving a bit of gathered fabric on each channel that you can see in the photo.  Tried something different for finishing and couched black satin cord onto the front panels for decoration.  Still unsold.



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